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March Beer Food Match

For the complexity and richness of flavour at work in even the simple Margherita requires a collaborator of equal depth, equal flavour. A necessity a light and fluffy lager-beer doesn’t fulfill. However, Harveys’ bottle conditioned 1859 Porter has these qualities in spades – with it’s rich through-line of malt and chocolate flavours. But it is the deep and clear smokey edge that lifts the combination out of the ordinary, and marks the pairing for greatness.

Featured in our blog by Michael Hanson from The Hearth, in Lewes.

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new: hop gin

“Harvey’s Hop Gin" is brewed at Harvey's Brewery and distilled at the English Spirit Distillery.

This hopped gin reveals prominent aromatic fresh 'green' hops. Subtle citrus notes mellow on a lingering finish.

Drink neat, or simply with your favourite tonic.

Hop Gin


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