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Harvey's Tom Paine

Independence Brew

TOM PAINE // JULY // 5.5% abv

Named after the sometime Lewes resident, revolutionary,  Headstrong Club member, and 'Rights of Man' author; Tom Paine.

This beer is a dry hopped, robust pale ale with a full, malty palate.

Strong and well balanced, with hints of impending revolution, originally brewed to celebrate American Independence Day.

Pair with Sunday Roast, Vegetarian lasagne, or Salted Caramel Pudding (Jane Peyton: Award winning writer, Sommelier).

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Be the belle of the Summer BBQ ball with a two pack of Harvey's Best Bitter 5l Mini-kegs.

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new: summer case

Get stuck into the tastes of Summer with four bright, light and delicious beers from our Summer case. Containing Sussex Best, Olympia, Wild Hop and Armada.




Served chilled this is a versatile easy drinking ale that pairs with rich desserts but also just as well as fresh shellfish and Mediterranean food such as saffron rich Paella. It's also great with spicy foods and is extremely quaffable. A great beer.

Kenny used Olympia as an ingredient to his final winning dish on Masterchef as part of his chocolate and golden ale ice cream dessert!

Kenny Tutt: Masterchef Champion & Restaurateur

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